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Huge Impact, Low Cost

At a time when budgets are shrinking, it’s valuable to host high-interest, high-impact events for little to no money. With tools like Pinterest, we are presented with alternative options! From game shows to fandom parties, karaoke to gingerbread houses, life-sized games or teaching life skills like baking and sewing, creative strategies combined with popular interests can lead to a huge success at your library. Join us to check out some innovative ideas.

Narratives of Library Power: The Stories Library Shelves Tell

Every time we put a book on a shelf, we make a choice about how that book can be found by people browsing for materials. We put materials about sexuality next to books about marriage, and separate books about poverty from books about the ruling class. What kinds of ideological stories do our shelves tell, and what can librarians do to change dominant narratives?

Know Your Community: Using Demographic Data to Better Serve Your Communities

Correlating with national trends, NJ communities are continuing to see increased diversification linguistically, ethnically and culturally. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to find local demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, including new immigrant populations, learn about tools that allow users to map the Census demographic information in order to visualize and target hyper-local communities and understand how to apply the local demographic data to library services and practices.

Rutgers Book Showcase

Join four Professors from Rutgers Department of Library and Information Science as they "booktalk" their recent publications. Their innovative books focus on a range of issues bringing both research-based scholarship, as well as practical implications to the table. These topics include: understanding interpersonal communications in libraries; inquiry based learning; new reference service models; and a YA title on the invention of modern photo journalism. We invite you to push the creativity beyond the box with us.

WiFi Hotspot Lending: Building Digitally Inclusive Communities

Since the 1990s, libraries have provided free in-house internet connections and computer access to their communities. After closing time, many of their patrons that lack internet access at home remain in the vicinity of the library trying to access their public WiFi connections. Come hear how organizations such as Jersey On and Mobile Beacon are making it increasingly easier for libraries to build digitally inclusive communities through WiFi hotspot lending.

Instructional Assessment Strategies at Your Library!

How do you know your library patrons are getting the most out of your classes? With practical and effective instructional assessments to help evaluate your students, of course! Learn about a variety of tools and procedures used for instructional assessments from a panel of librarians who use them, including an academic librarian, school librarian and librarian with years of experience teaching classes in public libraries.

Beyond the Browser: A Jump-Start to Promoting Your Library’s e-Resources

Google-searching is quick and easy, but so are databases. With one extra click, results are expansive and more precise, EVEN IF it doesn’t appear so at first. Engage your target users with innovations in promoting and demystifying databases to increase usage benefitting your client. Get your message out at the right time and place through the channels users are accustomed to. Panelists will illustrate their accomplishments and how they created and cultivate them. We invite the audience to share their experiences, ideas and questions.


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