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How NJLA Leadership Worked Up the Ranks (and how you can too!)

NJLA may seem like a mysterious organization to some, but it shouldn't be that way. If you’re new to the profession, looking for a way to break into the organization, or searching for an opportunity to reinvigorate your involvement and career, maybe the following information will help you do just that! I interviewed our Past President and director of the Piscataway Public Library James Keebler, Current President and director of the South Brunswick Public Library Chris Carbone, and President-Elect and director of the Kenilworth Public Library Michael Maziekien to demystify how to get involve

The Conference Committee is Giving Thanks!

Thank you to all of the program planners who submitted proposals for NJLA 2017! We received 105 proposals total, from 21 separate units. We appreciate the work you've put into the planning process so far, and we're excited to dive in and get all the details so we can make some decisions. 

The Conference Committee is meeting in December, we will contact program planners with questions if we need clarification, and final decisions will be made and shared in early January. But for now, breathe that sigh of relief - proposals are in, you're off the hook for now!

Conference Proposals Due Friday, Nov. 18 by midnight

Time is running out!

Proposals for sessions at the 2017 NJLA Annual Conference are due THIS FRIDAY, November 18, by midnight, NO EXCEPTIONS! Please make sure submissions go through your correct conference point person so that no proposals are lost in translation!

Avoid doing the dreaded late run (at least the proverbial virtual late run) and make sure you get yours in ASAP!

Day Two of #njla16

Day Two has provent to be just as great as Day One of #njla16! 

We're about to embark upon our last day of conference sadly, but we just want to remind you again that if you're talking anything conference on social media, make sure you use our official hashtag #njla16. The past two days we have been updating a Storify page which will collect tweets, instagram, and facebook posts that use the official conference hashtag.

Day One of #njla16

We hope everyone is having as much fun as we are on Conference Committee at this year's NJLA Conference! From great preconferences, to the awesome new venue, to trivia with Stanley Newman, the first day has been a real success. We hope those of you who were unable to attend the preconference were able to enjoy the awesome virtual preconference we had to offer as well. 

Your #njla16 Packing List

Hi all! Hope you're as excited about the next three days as we are on the #njla16 conference committee! We thought you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, or maybe just overexcited about all of the awesome things that we have planned, so here's some helpful packing tips and reminders we thought we'd share:

An Opportunity to Show Off Your (Brain)Muscles

Get ready to put on your thinking caps!

President's Program speaker Stanley Newman has challenged New Jersey’s library community to compete with each other during an evening of Trivia!

Mr. Newman is the editor of the Newsday Daily Crossword, and has devised an hour long trivia challenge of general knowledge and “Deductive Trivia” questions.


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