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#NJLA17 Programming Spotlight: Emerging Technologies

Our profession has changed exponentially each year as new trends and technologies are introduced. NJLA's Emerging Technologies Committee does a fabulous job each year at conference presenting programs that keep us hep, spiffy, radical, or whatever the kids are saying these days. See what they're offering us this year with Conference Committee's Doug Baldwin as our guide!

#NJLA17 Programming Spotlight: Diversity & Outreach Section

Conference Committee's Erica Krivopal talked to Jen Schureman of the Diversity & Outreach Section about what to expect from this powerhouse section at this year's conference. Here's what Jen had to say...
Looking for new ideas on ways to better serve those unique populations in your community?  The Diversity & Outreach Section has something for you each day starting with a wonderful pre-conference on Monday and ending with an 11:30 program on Wednesday.  Just listen to the amazing programs we will be offering.

#NJLA17 Programming Spotlight: Administration & Management

To some people, Conference is what NJLA does. For others, Conference is the culmination of the work put in during the NJLA work year. There are many sections, committees, and round tables who work tirelessly throughout the year to offer a variety of professional development opportunities as well as propose stellar programs that everyone can enjoy at our annual conference. We want to take this opportunity to highlight those working groups' efforts, and today we are starting with the Administration and Management section.

Why Should YOU Be At Conference?: Academic Librarian Edition

While NJLA has heavy membership from the public library side, and a new initiative focused on school library media specialists, that does not mean we have forgotten about college and university librarians! There is plenty for academic librarians to gain from attending conference, and we asked a few active NJ academic librarians their reasons for attending.


Why Should YOU Be At Conference? Library Stakeholder Edition

There are a million and one reasons why librarians, library assistants, circulation staff, and all others who WORK IN libraries should attend conference... but what about those who WORK FOR libraries? Friends groups? Trustees? Foundation members? Library stakeholders are certainly not exempt from all there is to offer at the Annual Conference!

Why should YOU be at Conference? MLIS Student Edition

Students often hesitate when it comes to registering for the annual NJLA Conference. They wonder if it's worth it, if they'll meet anyone, if it's meant for them. But the best part about conference is that it's meant for everyone! And there are plenty of obvious reasons why students would benefit, but the best reason to go for students is that it’s cheap.

No, really.

Why should YOU be at Conference? NJLA Success Stories

When conference registration rolls around (registration opens February 1 for #NJLA17!) we always hope that our colleagues run into their director's office asking about when they can attend conference. We know this is not always the case for two reasons: many librarians do not see the value for themselves, and many directors struggle with budgeting and scheduling to allow employees to go. With that in mind, we on the Conference Subcommittee thought we would share two NJLA Conference success stories to help demonstrate the value of conference from professional and personal perspectives.

Happy Holidays from the NJLA Conference Subcommittee!

With the holiday season about to kick into full gear, the NJLA Conference Subcommittee would like to wish all of our fellow library workers a very happy holiday! No matter what you may celebrate, we hope you find time to spend with family, friends, and maybe curl up with a good book! Because, as we all know, the only time you get to read is holidays despite the public's popular belief "You're a librarian?! That must mean you read all the time!" Which, of course quickly prompts "the glare":


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