#NJLA17 Programming Spotlight: Diversity & Outreach Section

Conference Committee's Erica Krivopal talked to Jen Schureman of the Diversity & Outreach Section about what to expect from this powerhouse section at this year's conference. Here's what Jen had to say...
Looking for new ideas on ways to better serve those unique populations in your community?  The Diversity & Outreach Section has something for you each day starting with a wonderful pre-conference on Monday and ending with an 11:30 program on Wednesday.  Just listen to the amazing programs we will be offering.
First up, our Pre-Conference program “Libraries without Limits: Serving Developmentally Challenged Patrons of All Ages”.  This program will provide you with useful and easily replicable program ideas on serving those in your community who are developmentally challenged beyond the weekly storytime.  Programming for children, 

teens, and adults will be discussed as well as resources and partner organizations.  We invite everyone to open their minds and libraries to join us in creating “Libraries without Limits” throughout the state.  Presenters include Jen Schureman (Gloucester County Library), Catherine DeBerry (Somerset County), Kristen Anderson (West Orange), representatives from South Jersey Volunteer Center, Rowan College at Gloucester County ACT program, and more.
Tuesday brings 3 more incredible programs beginning with “Know Your Community: Using Demographic Data to Better Serve Your Communities” at 11:30am.  This program will be moderated by Mimi Lee (NJ State Library).  In this workshop, attendees will learn how to find local demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, including new immigrant populations. Attendees will also learn about tools that allow users to map the Census demographic information in order to visualize and target hyper-local communities and understand how to apply the local demographic data to library services and practices.  
Next up on Tuesday is “Grounds for Sculpture to the Skyscraper Museum: Creating a Museum Pass Program from the Ground Up”.  Moderated by Maria Worth (Cliffside Park) this session will show you how to bring a museum pass program to your library from one of the first programs in the state.  Speakers from Fairview Public Library, Grounds for Sculpture, and Intrepid Air and Space Museum will also be in attendance.  Don’t miss out on this program, it’s sure to be something sensational.
Tuesday rounds out with “Home Delivery in the Digital Age” where librarians will discuss how to best serve homebound patrons.  Whether you are looking for ways to improve your existing homebound services, looking to begin a homebound service, or are just looking to see what others are doing, this is the session for you.  An open discussion where ideas will be shared and concerns addressed, it’s a must attend for librarians and administrators alike.
Wednesday may be the last day of conference, but we have 2 stellar programs that are a must see.  Begin the day at 9:00am with our program “Helping the Dream: Supporting Undocumented Students and Patrons”.  This program is what every librarian needs to know in the current climate of the country.  Join us as speaker Giancarlo Tello, from undocuJersey will go in depth to give us an understanding of undocumented students and young adults, along with the barriers, pathways, and support available for them to obtain a college degree and beyond. We'll cover the DREAM Act, DACA, Scholarships, demographics, and best practices for librarians to help patrons who may be facing these issues.
Make sure to attend our final program of the conference before lunch,” Fade to Books: Barbershop Literacy Initiative” at 11:30am.  This initiative which has already been in existence in Long Branch discuss the cultural importance of barbershops in african american and latin american communities.  The New Jersey State Library recently has decided to take this program statewide.  Come and learn about where it began and why it works!
In today’s world these programs are more important now than ever.  We need to be able to help our communities navigate in this transitional time in our country.  Whether it’s an adult with Down Syndrome, an elderly homebound person, an undocumented college freshman, a librarian looking for good demographical statistics specific to their community, a library beginning a museum program, or a new way to reach the african american and latin american communities in barbershops, each and every one is affected by the changes in American happening today.  Join us in assisting you in helping them!!
Thanks to Diversity & Outreach for all of their continued hard work! We can't wait to see these programs in action.

Erica Krivopal and the 2016-2017 NJLA Conference Committee