Wildwood 10 & 11

Under the Radar Reads Brown Bag Lunch

Learn about current, “Under the Radar” reads while enjoying lunch with colleagues in an informal setting. We will kick off the lunch with book trivia on a variety of topics. Interested attendees will then present 1-2 minute lightning book talks on fiction and nonfiction titles, preferably lesser-known gems, using slides that they have added to our Google Slides file. Participants are encouraged to bring copies of book lists to share.

Library Workers Today: Strong Staff Equals Strong Service

Running a library is hard and no one knows this better than those doing the work! A shifting workplace, public misconception of our job, and side effects of doing more with less are among the challenges library workers face. How can we balance our dedication to our profession and our communities with our own well-being? Join us for these conversations about the relationship library staff has to libraries and the work we do.

Making a Splash: How to Implement Libraries=Education

Learn how to make a splash in your community with Libraries=Education, the game-changing vision introduced in the morning's Keynote session. You’ll experience how to replace traditional library terminology and jargon with strategic language that people outside the field immediately understand. From the very words we use, everyone will recognize the true value of libraries. Just like schools, colleges and universities, libraries are education—a timeless, economic imperative that merits immense respect and maximized funding.

Tech Programs for Low-Tech Librarians

Are you looking to implement more technology into your library programs? Find out about low-tech programs for adults, teens and children from librarians across the state. We will discuss and demonstrate programs that have successfully worked in our communities, how to keep these programs budget friendly and helpful tips and resources to help you get started on creating your own technology program at your library.

Narratives of Library Power: The Stories Library Shelves Tell

Every time we put a book on a shelf, we make a choice about how that book can be found by people browsing for materials. We put materials about sexuality next to books about marriage, and separate books about poverty from books about the ruling class. What kinds of ideological stories do our shelves tell, and what can librarians do to change dominant narratives?

Mental Health Matters

Responding to questions involving topics on mental health is challenging even for the most experienced librarian. Mental Health Matters is a statewide initiative involving a partnership with the NJ State Library, LibraryLinkNJ, The National Network Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region and the Mental Health Association of NJ. Through a variety of programs to be presented throughout the state, librarians will learn how to effectively provide mental health information at their libraries and the best electronic resources to consult.

Get Hacked: How We Survived a 24-Hour Teen Hackathon in the Library

What the heck is a hackathon? When a local high school computer club proposed the Cherry Hill Public Library as the site for their 24-hour hackathon, we asked ourselves the same question. Find out how we went from skeptical to supportive, what happened when over 100 teens stayed overnight, and why we think libraries can (and should) support hacker culture.

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