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Dress for Success Donation Drive

Let's give back to the community! Help the young people mentored by Covenant House Atlantic City find success in the business world. The NJLA Urban Libraries and Diversity & Outreach Sections are accepting donations of "gently used" professional clothing: suits, dresses, ties, shoes. The outfit that no longer fits? -- Dry clean and donate!

Library Workers Today: Strong Staff Equals Strong Service

Running a library is hard and no one knows this better than those doing the work! A shifting workplace, public misconception of our job, and side effects of doing more with less are among the challenges library workers face. How can we balance our dedication to our profession and our communities with our own well-being? Join us for these conversations about the relationship library staff has to libraries and the work we do.

Libraries Without Limits: Serving Developmentally Challenged Patrons of All Ages

Adult Social Hours, Special Needs Library Time, Inclusive Storytime, Job Skills, Life Skills . . . There is NO LIMIT to what your library can offer developmentally challenged patrons! Join us for a fun interactive panel discussion where we will talk about programming, resources and building partnerships to help serve this very special population.

Know Your Community: Using Demographic Data to Better Serve Your Communities

Correlating with national trends, NJ communities are continuing to see increased diversification linguistically, ethnically and culturally. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to find local demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau, including new immigrant populations, learn about tools that allow users to map the Census demographic information in order to visualize and target hyper-local communities and understand how to apply the local demographic data to library services and practices.

WiFi Hotspot Lending: Building Digitally Inclusive Communities

Since the 1990s, libraries have provided free in-house internet connections and computer access to their communities. After closing time, many of their patrons that lack internet access at home remain in the vicinity of the library trying to access their public WiFi connections. Come hear how organizations such as Jersey On and Mobile Beacon are making it increasingly easier for libraries to build digitally inclusive communities through WiFi hotspot lending.

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