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CUS Luncheon: Local Contexts, National Demands: Navigating Standards in Academic Libraries

Professional practice standards help librarians produce professional identities, facilitate connections between libraries and higher education, and articulate claims for resources within our institutions. At the same time, standards flatten contextual differences between libraries, asking all libraries to account for outcomes that may not be appropriate. How can academic librarians productively navigate the tensions between the students we see in our classrooms and at the reference desk, and the need to produce metrics of success?

Library Workers Today: Strong Staff Equals Strong Service

Running a library is hard and no one knows this better than those doing the work! A shifting workplace, public misconception of our job, and side effects of doing more with less are among the challenges library workers face. How can we balance our dedication to our profession and our communities with our own well-being? Join us for these conversations about the relationship library staff has to libraries and the work we do.

Step Out of the Information Literacy Assessment Box: Determining Library Impact on Student Learning Via a Longitudinal Study

Formative and summative assessment are traditional and effective methods of determining library impact on student learning. However, they are usually confined to a one-shot information literacy instruction (IL) session. One way to step out of the box and gain more information is to track students along their college career and into their graduate program to determine if they are retaining IL skills. The results of an ongoing longitudinal study of students will be presented.

CUS Awards Forum

To recognize excellence in the efforts of NJ librarians, the NJLA College & University Section and the ACRL NJ Chapter present an Award & Forum program recognizing 2016 Research Awards and 2016 Technology Innovation Awards. The Research Award is presented for research published in the previous year by a NJ librarian, and the forum presents research conducted by a NJ librarian, whether published or not. The Technology Innovation Award honors an librarian or group of librarians for innovative use and application of a technology in a New Jersey academic library.

Narratives of Library Power: The Stories Library Shelves Tell

Every time we put a book on a shelf, we make a choice about how that book can be found by people browsing for materials. We put materials about sexuality next to books about marriage, and separate books about poverty from books about the ruling class. What kinds of ideological stories do our shelves tell, and what can librarians do to change dominant narratives?

Rutgers Book Showcase

Join four Professors from Rutgers Department of Library and Information Science as they "booktalk" their recent publications. Their innovative books focus on a range of issues bringing both research-based scholarship, as well as practical implications to the table. These topics include: understanding interpersonal communications in libraries; inquiry based learning; new reference service models; and a YA title on the invention of modern photo journalism. We invite you to push the creativity beyond the box with us.

Instructional Assessment Strategies at Your Library!

How do you know your library patrons are getting the most out of your classes? With practical and effective instructional assessments to help evaluate your students, of course! Learn about a variety of tools and procedures used for instructional assessments from a panel of librarians who use them, including an academic librarian, school librarian and librarian with years of experience teaching classes in public libraries.


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