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Agree to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

The world would be a very boring place if we all thought the same way, but discussions among people with different points of view do not always go smoothly. How can we disagree respectfully with those that hold opinions that differ from our own? How do we create an environment where open communication is welcome and people feel safe when voicing their perspectives? Come to hear how we can learn, grow and move forward together.

Playing in the Part-Time Sandbox: How to Keep Great Part-Time Staff and What to Do if They Leave!

Today's libraries, particularly small libraries, rely on part-timers more than ever. How can a part-time workforce be deployed to provide full-time services? How can we make the part-time experience rewarding for our staff? How do we cope when our treasured part-timers move on to full-time jobs? Part-timers, full-timers, supervisors and staff and are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

Graphic Design on a Shoestring

Graphic design is something that many librarians do not have the time or budget to focus on, but it can work wonders in terms of marketing your library’s programs and services to patrons. During this program, a panel will explore free and low-cost tools for quickly creating eye-catching designs and promotional materials as well as best practices for conveying your information.

Strategic Planning When You Can't Afford a Consultant

So you have to develop a strategic plan for your library, but you cannot afford to hire a consultant? Let Michele Stricker, Deputy State Librarian for Lifelong Learning at the NJ State Library, provide you with the basic practices and resources for creating a practical framework for your strategic plan. Walk away with useful tips and techniques that you can apply to your own library.

How the Heck Do I Take on Tech? What to Do When Your IT Dept is You

Not enough bandwidth? Can’t get on WiFi? Who’s minding the desk? Whether your small library is a branch in a county system, in a consortium, or a stand-alone, join this lively panel discussion on how small libraries cope with the ever-changing nature of technology and the new tech needs of libraries and the communities they serve, while staffing is short, budgets are tight and patrons are plenty.

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