Small Libraries Section

Visualizing Funding for Libraries: A New Data Tool from Foundation Center

A Knight Foundation News Challenge winning project developed by Foundation Center, the freely available data visualization tool, “Visualizing Funding for Libraries,” enables library professionals and supporters to search for institutional funding for libraries at national, state and local levels. Learn pro tips on navigating the tool, as well as next steps on how to pursue new funding opportunities. Data visualizations, such as maps, network constellations and partnership pathways showcase key networks for funders and recipients.

Want More Tech? No IT Department? No Problem!

Learn how one library system transitioned from a Microsoft Windows environment to Google Chrome and Open Source solutions, leaving all those expensive licenses behind. Explore how Chromeboxes and Chromebases can be used as an OPAC, circulation computers, computers for children, digital signage and more! Jersey Connect also offers free to low-cost services libraries that are easy to implement and a good solution for those who use open source software. These options are also good for libraries who don’t have an IT Department and those with limited staff and resources.

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