Professional Development Committee

Practical Skills for Homeless, Addicted and Mentally Ill Patrons

Do you have patrons who bring in too many bags? Smell really bad? Panhandle? Argue? In this interactive training you will learn why homeless individuals do what they do and the practical tools for resolving problems. After this training, you will have more confidence with homeless patrons. The presenter is the Executive Director of a large homeless shelter outside of Chicago. He is currently writing a book on the topic for the American Library Association.

Library Instruction Palooza

From ESL and computer training to information literacy instruction, education in libraries helps to create an information literate society equipped with the tools to speak knowledgeably and freely. In a workshop format that will include short presentations, roundtable discussions and tech tool lightning talks, we will explore the topics of community assessment, presentation skills, student engagement, identifying propaganda/fake news and marginalized voices or opinions, transforming lessons into higher order thinking skills and more.

Maximizing Communication in the Library Workplace

Communicating with all library staff in order to share news, solicit feedback or improve morale is a challenge given the many schedules and duties of library employees. In this pre-conference workshop, professional management consultant Elizabeth A. Winters will explore the important topic of effective communication in the library workplace. This workshop will focus on different methods of communication for library staff and how to distinguish which methods would be most successful for your library's needs.

Positive Assertive Communication

What is assertive communication? How can you say no in a positive way? How can you disagree and still get your needs met? How can you set appropriate boundaries? In this workshop you will learn how to be authentic to yourself while being respectful and empathetic to others. You will learn helpful techniques and practice new skills to establish an environment of mutual respect.

Effective Presentation Skills: Practical Tips for Success

An essential skill for any type of business success is the ability to speak effectively and enthusiastically to a group. By the end of this program, you will be able to grab the attention of your audience; identify vocal, verbal, visual problems and correct them; handle questions; and maximize your environment. Don’t just speak; create a stellar presentation that informs, persuades and gets results!

The Accidental Instruction Librarian: A Panel of Public and Academic Librarians Who Teach

Instruction in libraries is an essential function, and librarians of all backgrounds -- reference, technology, public and academic -- can wind up teaching, many without any formal instruction training and without any expectation that they would be expected to teach. How do librarians become comfortable and confident instructors? This panel of public and academic librarians will discuss their experiences from instruction novices, without formal training during their MLS experience, to their roles as librarians who teach.

Things You Need to Know about Your Homeless Patrons

Do you have patrons who bring in too many bags? Smell really bad? Panhandle? Argue? Please join us for this excerpt from Ryan's full program and interactive discussion presented during our preconferences. Better understand why homeless individuals do what they do and learn some of the most basic practical tools for resolving problems. The presenter is Executive Director of a large homeless shelter outside of Chicago.

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