Personnel Administration Subcommittee

Feast on This: Re-Energize with Your Peers

Enjoy a casual, catered lunch with fellow Conference attendees. Avoid restaurant lines and the anxiety of figuring out how to spend the 1.5 hour break. De-stress with coloring, legos, puzzles, and other activities and watch some videos, including highlights of NJ libraries throughout 2016 as well as a short film, Librarians on Film: Miss Bula Banerjee. Look forward to lunch this year – we've figured it all out, so you don't have to!

It's Complicated: Finding the Right Management Style Between "Monster" and "Doormat"

Join the discussion regarding the appropriate way for library managers to deal with a variety of real life situations: Does following a strict interpretation of library personnel policy make a supervisor a "monster"? At what point does a less strict interpretation of the rules turn a supervisor into a "doormat"? Where does common sense fit into all of this?

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