Member Services Committee

Kick-Off to Conference

Please join NJLA President Michael Maziekien and the Member Services Committee for a special welcome reception to kick off the 2018 Conference. New NJLA members, non-members and emerging leaders are extended a special invitation to join us, but this event is open to all conference attendees and exhibitors. This relaxed, fun evening will include a flashback to the 1980s, with team trivia on 80s music, movies, cluture and TV. Plus, you'll be able to play the night away with classic NES games and more! Light refreshments and cash bar will be available. 

Unifying Drum Circle

"When communicating with words, only one person speaks at a time. But when drumming, everyone can communicate at the same time by listening carefully and responding sensitively. This can generate a joyous feeling of unity and power." –Richard Reiter. Grab a drum and let go to experience the empowerment a drum circle can generate in participants. Take this feeling with you as you return to your libraries and pass it along.

Book Club and Brown Bag Lunch

Join your friends and colleagues for a BYO lunch and lively discussion of This Book is Overdue! by Marilyn Johnson. This riotously funny and relateable book is a must read for all library students, library workers and retired staff. Along with a great conversation, this lunch boasts a myriad of surprises that you have to see to believe!

*There is a boxed lunch option on your conference registration form for those who want to ensure that they avoid the restaurant lines!

Securing Your Digital Life

With the increasing rate of hacks, protecting one's digital security and privacy online is harder than ever. While we can never fully mitigate risk for ourselves and patrons online, there are tools available that can help: two factor authentication, password managers and VPNs. Learn about these important tools and get other tips for protecting yourself and your patrons online.

Library of Things

More and more libraries in NJ are choosing to collect non-standard items, including (but certainly not limited to!) kitchen tools, seeds, sewing machines, vinyl records, toys and STEM kits, as well as cameras, game systems, wi-fi hotspots and more. A “Library of Things” serves to provide access to useful items to communities in need. Panelists will discuss their Libraries of Things, as well as the policies and procedures that need to be in place before such non-standard collections can be created.

It's Okay to Throw it Away!

Weeding can often be a very contentious subject among staff, colleagues and the public. Many librarians panic at the thought of it, but it's actually one of the most effective tools at your disposal to improve your collections if done strategically and regularly. Getting rid of older, outdated and unused materials improves the public’s perception of what library's offer and increases circulation, not to mention how it makes shelves look cleaner and more user-friendly.

Building and Maintaining a World Language Collection

This program will explore the challenges of building world language collections in public libraries, including but not limited to non-Romance languages such as Chinese, Korean, Russian and the languages of India. We'll discuss budget, vendors and procedures for ordering, as well as sharing information that include resources and listings of language collections that exist among our own NJ libraries.

Pool Party

Mix, mingle and network with friends and colleagues at The Pool nightclub. You don't have to wear your bathing suit, but the pool and hot tubs will be open. Light snacks will be provided along with a cash bar. This event is open to Conference attendees, speakers and vendors (plus one guest). You must have your Conference Badge (or proof or registration) and ID to be admitted; there will be Harrah's employees verifying that all attendees are over 21. A special invitation is extended to NJLA leadership and graduates of the Emerging Leaders program!

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