Leadership & Education Subcommittee

Maximizing Communication in the Library Workplace

Communicating with all library staff in order to share news, solicit feedback or improve morale is a challenge given the many schedules and duties of library employees. In this pre-conference workshop, professional management consultant Elizabeth A. Winters will explore the important topic of effective communication in the library workplace. This workshop will focus on different methods of communication for library staff and how to distinguish which methods would be most successful for your library's needs.

Readers and Writers in the Library: Perfect Together

Readers are very often writers-in-waiting, needing only some encouragement, tools, and practice to become writers for personal satisfaction and possibly for publication. Bringing writers into the library as writing teachers, coaches, workshop leaders, writing circle facilitators, and inspirations, will not only expand and enhance your patron programs, but tighten and highlight the strong connection between reading and writing. Learn about the many different ways authors can help your library become a place for writers.

Effective Presentation Skills: Practical Tips for Success

An essential skill for any type of business success is the ability to speak effectively and enthusiastically to a group. By the end of this program, you will be able to grab the attention of your audience; identify vocal, verbal, visual problems and correct them; handle questions; and maximize your environment. Don’t just speak; create a stellar presentation that informs, persuades and gets results!

Libraries and Information: Change in a Digital Environment

The role of libraries and librarians is rapidly changing in our digital environment. In this session, you’ll learn how Apple products can help you fully leverage this opportunity. We will identify strategies for collaborating in a digital environment and explore how to access and leverage library collections from around the world. Additionally, we will explore the opportunities that Apple's Everyone Can Code curriculum can open to students and community members to learn how to code.

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