Emerging Technologies Section

Securing Your Digital Life

With the increasing rate of hacks, protecting one's digital security and privacy online is harder than ever. While we can never fully mitigate risk for ourselves and patrons online, there are tools available that can help: two factor authentication, password managers and VPNs. Learn about these important tools and get other tips for protecting yourself and your patrons online.

We Go Way Back: Libraries & Community Web Archiving

The Internet Archive, creator of the Wayback Machine, awarded New Brunswick Free Public Library and 27 libraries across the country a grant to begin digital archiving of websites that relate to local history, culture and social events. This updated version of creating vertical file collections comes with challenges like learning a new technical language, but overall it will expand collections for patrons around the world to view and capture news as it is happening.

Full STEAM Together: Social Justice in Programming

This panel will examine the STEAM concept from the social lens, focusing on STEAM program initiatives that encourage participants to bond while also working collaboratively on social justice related projects. Panelists will discuss how these programs boost self-confidence and self-awareness while also providing participants with the tools they need to succeed professionally and to affect change.

Technology Innovation Forum

Join academic librarians from around NJ as they showcase the innovative technologies in development and being implemented in their college and university libraries. Featured presenters include the winners of the 2018 Technology Innovation Award, announced at the NJLA Awards Reception on Thursday evening.

Technology: Speak Confidently

HTML, CSS, jQuery, DOM, WYSIWYG?! Is this gibberish? Would you like to be able to speak confidently about web technology? Interested in trying out your own web design? Understanding how websites work is a great start to creating your own. Become a power user with a foundational knowledge of the web, and get the most out of a WYSIWYG editor by venturing into the source code. This session is for technophobes and technophiles alike.

Want More Tech? No IT Department? No Problem!

Learn how one library system transitioned from a Microsoft Windows environment to Google Chrome and Open Source solutions, leaving all those expensive licenses behind. Explore how Chromeboxes and Chromebases can be used as an OPAC, circulation computers, computers for children, digital signage and more! Jersey Connect also offers free to low-cost services libraries that are easy to implement and a good solution for those who use open source software. These options are also good for libraries who don’t have an IT Department and those with limited staff and resources.

Feast on This: Show & Make

Calling all makers, crafters and tech lovers! Enjoy a casual, catered buffet lunch with fellow Conference attendees. Avoid restaurant lines and the anxiety of figuring out how to spend the 1.5 hour break. Throughout this lunch, you will have a chance to meet with your peers as presenters travel from table to table informally leading discussions about variety of programming ideas. Have a program you want to share? Now is time! Each participant will walk away with new ideas to execute at their libraries. Look forward to lunch this year – we've figured it all out, so you don't have to!

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