Emerging Technologies Section

Tech Programs for Low-Tech Librarians

Are you looking to implement more technology into your library programs? Find out about low-tech programs for adults, teens and children from librarians across the state. We will discuss and demonstrate programs that have successfully worked in our communities, how to keep these programs budget friendly and helpful tips and resources to help you get started on creating your own technology program at your library.

The Year's Best Video Games of 2016

How do you select video games for your library customers? Which systems should you buy for? What are the next generation video game consoles? What trends in video games should you be aware of? This panel will review the best video games published during 2016 for the major platforms. We'll also give you an overview of changes in the video game industry over the last year.

Maker Outreach: Taking Tech to Urban Schools

Maker culture has evolved and found its way into nearly every environment. Unfortunately, the costly nature of this movement has restricted many urban schools from being able to experience this new technology. Using inexpensive elements, such as Strawbees and the Do Ink App, we can bridge the digital gap that underprivileged children face. We will introduce interactive storytimes, our portable green screen kit, and show building play that can be easily implemented for all ages.

Privacy for Librarians: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself Online

Protecting your privacy can be a very intimidating task, and one of the roles of librarians is to ensure that our patrons feel free to pursue their own thoughts and ideas without reservation. This means they need to understand we hold their privacy in the utmost confidence. Learn tactics to ensure your library is protecting your patrons' privacy and what you can do to teach patrons to protect themselves.

From BIBFRAME to the Cloud: The Future of the ILS

The world of library automation is changing; are you ready for it? From allowing the incorporation of BIBFRAME into MARC records all the way to mobile apps for registering patrons and circulating materials, Integrated Library System (ILS) technology is rapidly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of library staff and patrons. In this session, discover what the future of library automation holds, the latest and upcoming features of ILSs and how they will impact your library.


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