Why should STUDENTS attend the 2016 NJLA Conference?

If you don't think someone who has been a librarian and has been going to conference for years knows what they're talking about, take it from MLIS student Michael Stirm!



Library students! 

This year's annual conference at Harrah's in AC is going to be a fun, informative, and opportunistic experience.  

Fun: enjoy a New Librarian/Student mixer, take a yoga class, and party at Harrah's Pool.  

Informative: Learn about where the field is going and what others in our profession are excited about, like Gamers Nights at Academic Libraries, Harnessing the Power of Fandom, and Music Advisory in libraries.  

Opportunistic: Get the opportunity to meet a variety of other students and potential colleagues/mentors while gaining invaluable knowledge about topics like Winning Strategies for scholarships, how to stand out and land your first Librarian job, and even tips on library management from real NJ library directors.  

There are few other chances during the year to have fun, be inspired, and connect with the wider New Jersey library world.  When school's out, head to AC for the NJLA Conference on May 16th-18th!


Michael Stirm and the 2016 Conference Committee