Welcome to Harrah's!

So, let me tell you a few things about Harrah's Resort on the Waterfront in Atlantic City. I had the pleasure of getting the grand tour a few months ago when we were doing some preliminary planning for the conference. It. Is. Awesome.
Let's just start with the meeting space itself. Everything is within steps of each other! Meeting rooms, luncheon spaces, exhibits, the NJLA store, registration -- all on one floor, all together in the same area. No long, dark hallways to navigate, no 20 minute treks to get a cup of coffee.  It's all right there. If you're looking for a particular program, you can just sidle up to the digital schedule board and look it up!  We're talking ALA-quality meeting accommodations here. Very swanky. And really new - only a few groups have used the space before us.
Right around the corner from the meeting space (not kidding - RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER) is a food court (coffee! pizza! sandwiches! salads!), an amazing glass-ceilinged indoor pool (for grown-ups only!) and the elevators to the NJLA block of hotel rooms. All right there! Just a few steps more and there's a bar (and another bar, and, I think, another bar), plus an amazing collection of restaurants from budget-friendly to upscale. Of course, there's also a casino...
The rooms we'll be staying in are very well appointed, comfortable - chic. The views over the water are fabulous. The wi-fi is free! Have you booked your room yet? What more do you need to know? How about the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa? The fitness center? Shopping? Clubs? Harrah's has it all. 
I am counting down the days to May.  See you in Atlantic City!
Kimberly Paone and the 2016 Conference Committee