Reimbursement Policy

Speaker/Invited Guest Reimbursement Policy

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Speakers will be reimbursed for the following with prior arrangement and approval of the Conference Chair:


  • Mileage at current IRS rate, plus tolls and parking with receipts. Reimbursment issued by the NJLA office with reciepts and reimbursement form.
  • Airfare: Flight reservations must be booked for coach seats (ecomony class) at least three weeks prior to date of travel; itinerary should be shared with Conference Committee
  • Train: Train reservations must be booked for ecomony class; itinerary should be shared with Conference Committee, if possible
  • Car Service: Arrange through Conference Committee
  • Car Rental: Arrange for reimbursement with Conference Committe and NJLA Office

IncidentalAny unconfirmed expenses must be approved by the Conference Committee prior to the date of the conference.

Hotel: Conference hotel or equivalent. The need for a hotel room, with date(s), must be requested from Conference Committee, who will then reserve accommodation and arrange for billing to the NJLA master account. ​Neither you nor your speaker should make a reservation at the hotel. Reimbursements will not be issued for hotel costs for arrangements made directly by your or the speaker.

Meals: Meals are not to exceed $65.00 per day; meals at conference events must be arranged in advance and will reduce the reimbursement amount. Receipts must be submitted with the reimbursement form after conference. Costs should be approved in advance by the Conference Committee.

Requests for ALL expenses should be submitted with the program proposals. Confirmation of costs can be communicated by email with the Conference Committee. Travel arrangements should only be made after program approval is received from the Conference Chair. Reimbursement will be made after the Conference; reimbursement form must be submitted with original receipts to the NJLA office. Once expenses are reviewed, they are forwarded to the NJLA Treasurer and a check is issued to be sent directly to the speaker. Special requests to provide advanced reimbursement of travel costs at the Conference may be considered; requests and receipts must be sent with the reimbursement form to the Conference Chair at least three weeks prior to the Conference.

New Jersey librarians are not reimbursed for participating as panelists or speakers (including meals, travel and accomodations) and will be required to pay the registration fee unless their participation is limited to a specific program. New Jersey librarians that do not officially register for the conference will receive special badges, valid only for the session or sessions in which they are speaking.

Vendors are not normally reimbursed for participating as panelists or speakers.

Approved by the NJLA Executive Board, 2008.