Exhibits Update

We posted earlier about some awesome give-aways that you can win by visiting the exhibitors, including money for your library from RWDSU/UFCW Local 108, a Fitbit from Patcraft, and a copy of Dewane Parker's book Born Dead. In addition, we recently found out that Innovative Document Imaging is raffling off a Lenova Window 10 laptop PC. And that's not all...

Exhibits are where you find all of the latest innovations in the library field, from equipment to design to current titles. Exhibits are where you can meet with old friends and make new ones. Not to mention the raffles, free give-aways, coffee, and ice cream that can all be found in the Exhibitors Hall.

We all use the excuse "We're not the ones who approve purchases at our library" as a way to think that exhibits are not for us, but think again! You never know when you may be in a position to make purchases. Even if you can’t buy you may see something you can recommend to staff who can buy. But the best reason of all to visit the hall is to thank a vendor. Our exhibitors provide a major source of support for our organization. Without the exhibits, we wouldn’t have a conference.

Besides the awesome giveaways and prizes that the exhibitors themselves will be raffling and handing out, NJLA wants you to find the dice! There are at least 24 pairs of dice available to be found each day that look like the ones below. Find the dice, bring it to the Exhibitors Information Booth, and claim your prize!

We're 5 days away from conference, and we hope you're as excited as we are to be All Together Now!