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Apr 13 2016 - 9:54am

If your section or committee is doing great PR like Public Policy, please forward that information to the Conference Committee and we'll share it on our blog and social media!

Exclusive virtual preconference sessions for all #NJLA16 conference registrants

Apr 12 2016 - 2:04pm
Once again this year we are offering two exclusive remote virtual conference sessions as a benefit to those who register for this years #NJLA16 annual conference. For anyone who registers for ANY part of the NJLA conference (preconference, one day or two day registration), you will be able to attend both sessions from the comfort of your computer, laptop or mobile device (via the Adobe Connect app). We are excited to be able to provided this value-added benefit to your registration... but you must be registered for conference to attend!
Note: All conference registrants will receive an email the week before conference with a link to use for the session and guidance on accessing the virtual room.
The two virtual preconference sessions this year are :
Monday 5/16
Session 1 : Yes, Our Collections Have Been Digitized: How Lyrasis' Digitization Collaborative Gets "Hidden" Collections Online
Time : 10-10:50am
Description : How often have you been asked if your newspapers or special collections have been digitized? While some librarians may debate techniques, strategies, and costs, one organization brings libraries together to accomplish the digitization in a collaborative approach. Come hear how it’s done in a talk show session format where the host queries the panelists, and then the audience joins the conversation.
Moderators: Debra Schiff
Laurie Gemmill Arp, Director of Digital and Preservation Services, Lyrasis
Paul Martinez, Cataloging Librarian and Archivist, Sprague Library, Montclair University
Sponsoring Groups: College & University Section / Emerging Technologies Section / History & Preservation / Reference Section / Technical Services Section
Session 2 : My Kids Bought Me an iPhone": Providing Tech Help to Patrons
Time : 11:10a-12p
Description : The purpose of libraries has historically been providing access to information patrons cannot get in their own homes. Today patrons come to the library looking for access to a computer, the internet, ebooks, and new technologies. With advanced technologies becoming more affordable, patrons should be able to look to the library to fill in the gaps about technology knowledge – how to use a device, how to access ebooks, how to make a webpage, how to code.
Kara Brehm, Cape May County Library
Sponsoring Groups:  Emerging Technologies Section
If you have not already registered for #NJLA16 yet, the time is now! 
Early bird registration ends this Friday, April 15th - and this will be a conference you will not want to miss! To register for conference, use this link : 
Really hoping to see you all there (virtually and in real life)!
Doug Baldwin and the 2016 Conference Committee

Share Your Burning Ideas!

Apr 11 2016 - 7:19pm
Ignite is an awesome way to share stories, ideas, inspiration, and so much more. Want to know a bit more about it? Check out with Allen McGinley and Jen Schureman have to say about it:
What: NJLA Ignite will feature several brief presentations that are roughly 5 minutes long and include no more than 20 slides. To keep things moving, presentations will be set to auto-advance every 15 seconds. The official Ignite tagline is "Enlighten us, but make it quick."
Who: You, your co-workers, your colleagues, your friends. This program is about sharing stories with each other that will help us all learn, and be inspired. We are very purposefully looking for a large variety of speakers that represent different segments of libraries, so no matter who you are, you're the person we're looking for!
When: Wednesday, May 18, 3:40-4:30 PM. Yes, this is the last program slot of the Conference. We want people to leave the Conference energized and ready to go back to their libraries and make something happen. Whether you decide to speak or spectate, you don't want to miss this program!
Where: 2016 NJLA Conference, Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, Wildwood 6 & 7.
What are you waiting for? Apply now. Share with a friend. We all have a story that needs to be shared, tell us yours!

Check Out this Program Session!

Apr 11 2016 - 7:09pm

If you would like to share your section's PR for the conference, please forward that information to the Conference Committee and we'll share it on our blog and social media!

Why should ACADEMIC LIBRARIANS attend the 2016 NJLA Conference?

Apr 11 2016 - 10:33am

There's Never Been a Better Time to Attend NJLA!

The 2016 NJLA Conference is loaded with programs tailored to the needs and interests of college and university librarians. This year, the sessions sponsored and co-sponsored by the College and University Section are spread throughout the Conference, with a choice of two pre-conferences on Monday, six programs on Tuesday, and another six on Wednesday. Below are just some of the sessions sponsored by the College and University Section. If you would like to see all of the programs sponsored by your section, go to the "Schedule" tab and select and apply the College and University Section as your filter.

Experience the full Conference for three days of professional development, networking, and learning All Together Now.

MONDAY (Preconference)

Open to All: ADA Compliance & Beyond at Your Library --      Libraries want - and need - to provide access to everyone, but how do we make our spaces welcoming for people with disabilities? “Open to All” is about serving people with special needs at your library. This preconference will address etiquette & communication, highlight programs and services geared toward people with impairments, ways to make reasonable accommodations in programs for a general audience, a review of ADA guidelines for buildings, outreach ideas and input from patrons. (Monday, 1-4:30PM)

It's Always Been Done That Way: The Conundrum of Us Versus Them (and What We Can Do About It, Maybe) --   The commonly heard refrain “It’s Always Been This Way!” can infuriate even the most level-headed innovators in librarianship. Can this phrase ever be a useful tool in libraries? If not, why is it so pervasive? Join Bryce Kozla, reformed “pearl clutcher” and “change agent”, to discuss how to be successful with the skills we bring to the table; and how we can work together to foster a workplace that is overtly kind and effective. (Monday,1-4:30)


·Essential Disability Services for Libraries --          Providing accommodation for staff and patrons with disabilities is not just a humanitarian gesture, it is the law. Yet some of our users make unreasonable demands for adjustments to our library equipment, policies, and services. In this session we will review best practices for staff training, technologies, communication and collaborations related to planning for disabilities accommodations in all types of libraries. (Tuesday, 9-9:50am)

·Calling All Gamers! Game Night in the Academic Library --      Do your students say there’s “nothing to do” on campus? Are students reluctant to come into the library? Looking for an innovative way to connect with outside companies and other campus departments? Georgian Court University Library collaborated with the Office of Student Life, Career Services and an international video game company to establish "Gamers Night at the Library." Learn tips for planning and marketing, along with the library's goals and expenses, and student reactions. (Tuesday, 9-9:50am) 

·Six Years After RDA: Projects, Initiatives, Trends and Directions --                  This presentation will discuss what remains to be done before bibliographic data will become Linked Data and part of the Semantic Web. The basic concepts of the Semantic Web and Linked Data will be explained, and projects such as BIBFRAME Editor, Libhub Initiative, is external) (link is external), BIBFLOW, MarcNext, and BIBFRAME Scribe will be discussed. First-hand experience will be shared. The presentation will also talk about the challenges for the next five years in RDA cataloging, including incorporating BIBFRAME Editor into libraries. (Tuesday, 11:30-12:20pm)

·Awesome Outreach by Academic Libraries --        It is essential that all kinds of libraries work “all together now” for the benefit of all constituents! Attend this panel session to hear about three academic libraries successful outreach activities: a Lego project, a high school partnership and a story hour; and how they are collaborating outside their library walls. Participants will be inspired for new ways to reach their own communities in order to better market their services (Tuesday, 3:10-4:00pm)

Fundamentals of Preservation Care --        Part 1: Book Repair Demo: Over time, books can become loose in their hinges, which can result in the hinge breaking altogether. Two solutions to the broken hinge problem will be demonstrated. 2. Presentation: The Fundamentals of Managing Preservation Efforts in Libraries: A brief history of preservation and what it consists of, and how to start a program or develop what you have. The role of preventive care, including good storage conditions, to extend the useful life of collections will be discussed. (Tuesday 4:10-5:00pm)


·MARCedit Creator Q&A --             Terry Paul Reese, Jr., Head, Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University, will lead a session on MarcEdit, a metadata editing suite available to librarians. The program has and will continue to evolve to meet the past, present, and future metadata needs of the library community. MarcEdit presently includes a very rich feature set targeted at making metadata translation and editing easier for both the beginner and advanced users. (Wednesday 9:00-9:50am)

·Will Librarians be Ready When Professors and Students Move from Print Research Papers to Multimedia Presentations? --          Scholarly communication with a print format has long roots, but it is being replaced by multimedia formats including peer-reviewed video journals. This program explores the academic library implications as multimedia presentations and formats move to become research products by students and professors. Such a change challenges what it means for a researcher to be a productive scholar and for a student to be an educated person. Is the era of the research paper ending? (Wednesday 11:30-12:20pm)

·College & University Luncheon --   The College and University Section is pleased to welcome Terry Paul Reese, Jr., Head, Digital Initiatives at The Ohio State University, as our luncheon speaker for 2015. He will discuss strategic initiatives related to the development and implementation of the Libraries’ digital libraries infrastructure. The luncheon program will also feature formal presentation of the College and University Section's Distinguished Service Award, the Research Award, and the Technology Innovation Award. (Wednesday 12:30-2:20pm)


College & University Section Research Award Forum -- To recognize excellence in the efforts of NJ librarians, the Research Committee of the NJLA College & University Section and the ACRL NJ Chapter presents an Award & Forum program. The Award is presented for research published in the previous year by a NJ librarian. The Forum presents research conducted by a NJ librarian, whether published or not. Awards & Forum submissions are selected on a competitive basis by the Committee. (See past awards: (Wednesday 2:30-3:20pm)

·2016 Technology Innovation Awards Forum --     This forum features presentations from the winners and nominees of the 2015 Technology Innovation Award, which honors a librarian or group of librarians for innovative use and application of a technology in a New Jersey academic library. The purpose of the award is to recognize distinguished leadership in developing new technologies for academic libraries. See past award winners on the Technology Committee's site here: (Wednesday 3:40-4:30pm)


We'll see you there!

Mary Mallery and the 2016 Conference Committee

Conference Registration 101

Apr 8 2016 - 4:01pm

Registration for this year's NJLA Conference has been made even easier by streamlining the process so that it is all online! Some may have some reservations about this, so the Conference Committee just wants to make some clarifications:

You can register by clicking here or copying and pasting this link into your browser:

There are a few key things to notice at the top of this page. The first circle indicates your payment options, which includes credit cards and personal money orders for those who are paying for themselves or will get reimbursed later, as well as an option for a library check or purchase order as was done when registration used to be mailed in. If you are registering under this option, follow the instructions highlighted in the second circle.

You are not completely registered until you hit "continue" on the bottom of this page and "submit" on the second page. Make sure you read all instructions and look for all buttons!

Once you've registered, you will receive an email in your inbox from the NJLA office that will have a subject line that looks something like this:

If you can't seem to find that email, or think you may have deleted it, you can also check by trying to register again with the same email, at which point you'll receive a message that looks like this:

We hope this helps in making your registration process as quick and easy as possible! Looking forward to seeing you at the Waterfront Conference Center at Harrah's in just a few short weeks!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the Conference Committee or contact the NJLA office.

Meet Bryce Kozla, one of our Preconference Speakers!

Apr 8 2016 - 1:38pm

Bryce Kozla will be presenting a half-day preconference on It's Always Been Done That Way: The Conundrum of Us Versus Them (and What We Can Do About It, Maybe) on Monday, May 16.

Bryce is a Youth Services Librarian at the Washington County Cooperative Library System in Oregon. Before becoming a librarian, she was a reading specialist.  

Since change management is an issue that library staff at all levels address regularly, this workshop is co-sponsored by a wide variety of NJLA units, including Children’s Services Section, YA Services Section, Management & Administration Section, Reference Section, and College & University Section.

Sophie Brookover sat down for a conversation with Bryce to discuss what participants can look forward to.

Sophie: Hi, Bryce! How’s it going? I’m so excited about your upcoming preconference presentation for NJLA next month, and was hoping we could talk a little bit about it so everyone in NJ libraryland knows how great it will be.

Your workshop is called It's Always Been Done That Way: The Conundrum of Us Versus Them (and What We Can Do About It, Maybe) - first of all, as a lifelong deployer of parenthetical asides, I love this title. Secondly, I’m curious about who you envision the workshop being for. Will front-line staff benefit as well as managers & directors?

Bryce: Hi, Sophie! Thank you! I’m pretty excited, myself! This topic came from my own experience and a lot of self-reflection. Throughout the beginning of my career, I was definitely a go-getter. I climbed through my post-undergraduate “ten-year-plan” in fewer than five! Soon after becoming a librarian, I was an ALA Emerging Leader and received an award as a “Rising Star” in my state.

Sophie: Amazing! I’m kvelling.

Bryce: Thank you! But THEN, a few years ago, I found myself questioning a change in the library world. I even used the phrase “It’s Always Been Done that Way!” -- Oh no! Was I one of “those people” now?! Being “the kind of person” who used this phrase, I started feeling isolated and disengaged.

I started thinking about perceptions of approaches to change in the context of the library as a workplace, and began to see change from both sides of the issue. I really think that if we understand where one another are coming from, and inspire psychological safety in the workplace, we can make innovative changes in a way that no one feels left behind.

This is no way to live, right? We can do better!

Sophie: Disconnection and disinvestment are huge morale and service issues. It’s so much easier to embrace changes if we feel like we’re a valued part of the conversation, even if the changes themselves aren’t ones we particularly love. You addressed this so beautifully in a recent blog post and I look forward to learning some new ways to put this empathetic approach into practice.

Bryce: Having been a front-line staff member for a majority of my time in libraries, this workshop will definitely be from that point of view. I hope managers, directors, and front-line staff alike will come away from our discussions with ideas on how they can foster a workplace environment where everyone feels their voices are heard.


Sophie: Well, this sounds excellent! I think my favorite aspect of what you’re working on is that you’re making explicit all the connections between aspects of library services we might be inclined to see as independent of each other: what happens in Youth Services has an impact on Reference and Circulation. What front-line staff experience affects their managers and vice-versa.


Friends & colleagues, now is the time to register for this amazing preconference. Early Bird registration closes on April 15!

We can’t guarantee that participating in this workshop will make you feel this good, but you’ll be in Atlantic City, learning & bonding with treasured colleagues, so...maybe?

Sophie Brookover and the 2016 NJLA Conference Committee

Check out this Program Session!

Apr 5 2016 - 3:40pm


If you would like to share your section's PR for the conference, please forward that information to the Conference Committee and we'll share it on our blog and social media!

Check Out One of our Preconference Options: Open To All!

Apr 5 2016 - 1:22pm
Find more information on either of these websites - two options for access:
    Sighted   |   Low-vision / audio   
If you would like to share your section's PR for the conference, please forward that information to the Conference Committee and we'll share it on our blog and social media!

Check Out the Reference Section and Readers Advisory Brown Bag Lunch!

Apr 5 2016 - 10:11am

If you would like to share your section's PR for the conference, please forward that information to the Conference Committee and we'll share it on our blog and social media!


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