Reader's Advisory Roundtable

Book Club and Brown Bag Lunch

Join your friends and colleagues for a BYO lunch and lively discussion of This Book is Overdue! by Marilyn Johnson. This riotously funny and relateable book is a must read for all library students, library workers and retired staff. Along with a great conversation, this lunch boasts a myriad of surprises that you have to see to believe!

*There is a boxed lunch option on your conference registration form for those who want to ensure that they avoid the restaurant lines!

Find Your Niche: How to Establish and Run Your Niche Book Club

Sometimes we long to join book clubs that focus on our personal favorite reading genres, beyond the typical library book clubs. As librarians, we have the genre knowledge and the skill to create the niche book clubs we want to belong to. Learn about how librarians established and lead specialty book clubs that focus on science fiction and fantasy, women’s memoirs, feminism, cookbooks and international short stories.

Readers and Writers in the Library: Perfect Together

Readers are very often writers-in-waiting, needing only some encouragement, tools, and practice to become writers for personal satisfaction and possibly for publication. Bringing writers into the library as writing teachers, coaches, workshop leaders, writing circle facilitators, and inspirations, will not only expand and enhance your patron programs, but tighten and highlight the strong connection between reading and writing. Learn about the many different ways authors can help your library become a place for writers.

Engaging Books for Struggling Teen Readers and Adult Learners

Do you have adult learners (low literacy and/or ESOL), newcomers, or older teens who are struggling readers who ask for books to read but you have difficulty finding the right books for them? You want books that have accessible reading levels and appealing content that is appropriate for their age and interests but do not know what to suggest? This session will provide some ideas and resources and allow time for group discussion.

Inclusive Book Clubbing: How to Invite and Run a Book Club for Developmentally Challenged Patrons

Libraries should be inclusive spaces with something for everyone. While it’s a great idea, it is difficult to execute. This program will show you how easy it is to hold a book club for those members of the community that are developmentally challenged. Jen Schureman will address how to contact the community, how to prepare your library staff, and how to select the books to be discussed.

Get Your MD in RA: Market and Display for Optimal Readers Advisory

Learn the basics and beyond of marketing, merchandising and display to maximize the use of your collection. Studies have long shown that creating smaller, more manageable browsing collections will increase circulation. Learn new ways to make your displays more eye-catching and appealing and encourage your readers to keep coming back for more. We'll provide lists of displays appropriate for each month of the year and some that can be used any time. Time will be provided for participants to share some of their most successful ways to promote the items in their collections.

Genre Bending

Do kids and teens at your library love micro-genres you might not even have a term for yet? What about books that mash up tropes from multiple genres (a sci-fi retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion? It's a thing!)? Is a YA romance really a romance if the protagonists aren't a couple at the end? Let's roll up our sleeves and get deep in the weeds of genre terminology to meet our readers' appeal factors with as much specificity as possible! We'll provide lots of examples and opportunity for group discussion.

News from the Talking Book & Braille Center

The NJSL's Talking Book & Braille Center is consistently working to best serve the needs of all types of readers across the state. Do TBBC patrons want a book now, rather than having to wait for other copies to be returned? Tired of waiting for inter library loan to deliver a copy of an audiobook? TBBC’s latest patron-centered initiative is to create customized audiobook cartridges to meet a reader’s individual needs, right away! Learn more about this and many other TBBC initiatives that put patrons' wants and needs first.

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